Lafood® Wine

Products for oenology

Lafood® Wine

Consolidated in Italy, the Lafood Group began operating internationally, soon becoming one of the most important brands in the wine biotechnology sector worldwide.

In 2015, in collaboration with the University of Udine, he created the iYeast® line: selected second generation yeasts and nutrients.

A few years later, the OakPassion® project was born: from the union of the professional experiences of expert producers of the wood sector for Oenology and alcoholic beverages, operating in Europe, the US and South America. The twenty-year experience of the Research Team & Development of OakPassion® has made it possible to select the best qualities of international oak, in the French, American and Austrian Slavonian forests.

Products for oenology


Lafood Biotechnology Chiarificanti

Protect line

Wine product -  Protect

Salts of thiamine

Lafood Biotechnology Wood Selection

Stabilizers and Mannoproteins

Lafood Biotechnology Stabilizzanti


Specific treatments


Wine product - Sanitizing


Lieviti iYeast

Wood selection

Lafood Biotechnology Wood Selection


Lafood Biotechnology Enzimi


Lafood Biotechnology Chiarificanti

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