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Lafood® Group is a dynamic company, strongly oriented to research and development for the application of biotechnologies and innovative enology specialities.

Lafood research

To support these continuous research activities, Lafood relies on a team composed of professionals having specific experiences and by young technicians who have graduated in food technologies; this is because the firm strongly believes in the positive contribution young people can give to the company and it invests in their training/education.

Lafood® believes in the transparency as a tool for professional growth and as a methodology to create a durable partnership with customers. Furthermore, in order to stimulate the research within the oenological sector, to encourage the good practice of continuous improvement, and the sharing of information, Lafood® and Rewine frequently publish research results on sector magazines and on their websites.

Gruppo del Team Lafood 2021

The experience has shown that only from the synergy of these components it is possible to generate that added value which is much sought-after by the market and which is necessary to compete in a competitive industry.

Our thanks go particularly to all those who have believed and will believe in Lafood® project.

Lo staff.

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