Second generation of selected Yeast

Lafood® Group has always set as its objective, the provision of high quality biotechnologies to satisfy the demand of its customers.

The increasingly exigent requests of the final consumer in the international market of wines, have led our Research & Development department to select new yeasts strains which are more suitable for the elaboration of international wines with a modern and captivating aromatic profile.

Line Selected Yeasts® “second generation ” IYEAST® born from scientific-technical cooperation between Lafood® Group and Professor Zironi the University of Udine.

The experimentation was based on the multiplication of different yeast strains on substrate propagating the complex. The particular substrate contains all growth factors ” scientifically necessary ” , Vitamin B1 , Vitamin B2 , peptides , oligopeptides , sterols , ergosterol and essential amino acids , which allow the yeast Selected optimal cell multiplication , the orderly development and the accumulation of substances backup.
Yeasts iYeast guarantee the technical use of starter cultures with a large number of active cells , from ‘ excellent alcoholigenous power and able to grow in extreme conditions of temperature and sugar content of the must .

Lafood Lieviti iYeast simphony

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